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Affinity Sports and Rehabilitation has been serving the Silver Spring area since 1998. Affinity Sports and Rehabilitation Physical Therapy treats patients with sports and work related injuries, arthritis, overuse syndromes, motor vehicle accident injuries and persistent pain. Our therapists combine traditional physical therapy with unique holistic methods to relieve pain, optimize movement and improve balance and endurance. Our goal at Affinity is to provide our patients with a unique solutions to recovery.

Physical Therapy

We build a precise regimen for your specific rehabilitation. Every patient has unique disability and we provide unique solutions.

Sports Medicine

We employ many forms of sports medicine in our overall rehab services.

Rehabilitative Services

These services are available for children, adults and geriatrics.

What our patients say about us

These are just a few examples of how our patients have benefited from Affinity Physical Therapy's suite of services.

Robert Gavick At my age, I never thought I'd need physical therapy, but when I had an unfortunate accident, I was glad that my primary care physician recommended Affinity PT. I'm back to my usual activity and I've never felt better.
Paulina Nowakowska The staff at Affinity PT have been extrememly patient and caring with me. I had very specific needs and don't like it when I am rushed or my concerns are not noted. Everyone was amazing and professional. Highly recommended.
Tomasz Dziuda I did a Tough Mudder physical challenge in the Spring and ended up hyper-extending my left leg. No one could have prepared me for the amount of main and suffering that caused me. I went to Affinity PT and that very same day, my pain and discomfort were removed using their acupuncture services. Hopefully I won't need them again, but if I do, I won't be worried about it.